Klark's Trenching Ltd.
Powerline Construction


Backhoes and Mini Excavators
Trenchers and Vibratory Plows
Klark's utilizes a large fleet of backhoes and mini excavators. Our smallest excavator is able to fit through areas as narrow as 36 inches wide, while our largest backhoes offer 96hp and a digging depth of 18 feet. Our backhoes and mini excavators come with a variety of bucket widths, ranging from
12 to 36 inches wide.
The trencher and vibratory plows mimic one another, with our smallest trenchers and plows being walk behinds for tight fragile areas. Our medium size trencher offers 45hp with a digging depth of 4 feet, and our medium size plow has 50hp with a variety of shanks for different sizes of cable. We have two additional trencher sizes in the RT95 & RT115. The maximum trenching depth is 6 feet and 8 inches wide. Our largest plow is a rubber tracked RT115, capable of plowing 3/0 500 primary cable, or 2 inch conduit up to a meter deep.
Directional Drills
Klark's boasts a large fleet of HydroVacs. The largest being a triple axle with a 12 cubic yard debris tank, while the tandems have a 8.5 cubic yard tank at capacity. The smallest truck we supply is a single axle vac with a 4.5 cubic yard tank.
We have three different sizes of drills. Our smallest drill is able to fit into backyards with the capability of making a 4 inch hole with 5,000 ft lbs of pull back. The second largest drill we operate makes a 5 inch hole with 30,000 ft lbs of pull back and 3000 ft lbs of torque. Our largest drill is a 4020, drilling a hole as small as 6 inches. The 4020 has a pullback up to 40,000 ft lbs and 5,000 ft lbs of torque. We have 500 meters of additional drill stem for both sizes of drills, and adapters allowing us to reem back holes as large as a 42 inches.
Digger Derrick
Bucket Trucks
Multiple Digger Derricks from a 36 inch wide walk behind unit, swamp diggers, and tandem diggers make excavation and pole setting accurate and efficient. The smallest walk behind digger has a reach of 40 feet while the largest tandem Digger Derrick has a reach of 55 feet. We also utilize multiple auger sizes from 12 to 36 inches with additional extensions allowing us to dig as deep as needed.
Electrically certified bucket trucks that allow for 25,000 volt rubber glove work, with a reach 60 feet. We can also provide a swamp bucket for work in wet areas leaving little footprint.